Thursday, September 22, 2016

Triumph Navigator Pants : Review

The lower body protection while riding a Motorcycle is probably the least considered aspect by most of the riders, though the after effects of it can prove to be costly. Since I am somebody with a moderately tall built at 6 1" the choices for riding pants are negligible. Initially used to manage with bionic Axo Knee Guards and later Spartan Perseus. Graduated to Odysseus, which took me through a month long ride and gave up due to some mismatch in the fabric integrity, which was duly replaced by Spartan. When the Proteus was launched a good friend of Mine , Jai, was one of the few guys who procured the initial lot. Upon request he obliged to let me try it on a ride or two and then decide to buy.  Again the same issues with the length factor, the option was off the list.
Later one day another rider friend of mine Akshay, turned up for a ride with these Navigator pants, the Construction and fit was too impressive but the price tag was over my intended budget. When i tried the pants at Keerthi Triumph(Bangalore) was very impressed the construction, fit and comfort.  

Riding Pants used in the past:
Spartan Odysseus
Spartan Proteus 

Options considered.
Rjays All season : Felt very basic, with minimal protection for a riding pant. 
AGV Telluride : was very much interested but didn't get an option to try it first hand

Total Mileage using the pants : Appx 20000 Kms  

Specifications of the Pants :
Safety :
1.Comes with CE approved KNOX  Protector and a foam hip protector.

Just to give a reference of Size alongside a 500ml can 

 Sponge based Hip Protectors

2. 410D fabric with Teflon Coating to counter abrasion, Water and Dirt.

3.Connection Zipper to tag Along with a compatible riding Jacket.
4.It is Equipped with a three - tier knee guard adjustment system with the help of Velcros which do their work brilliantly.                                               

5. The impact Areas, mainly around the Knees are laminated with ceramic based Super fabric . As per definition:  Super Fabric® combines quality cotton, polyester, nylon or spandex with precisely positioned guard platelets and epoxy resin coating – resulting in a highly abrasion, slash, fire, water and stain resistant material that is also lightweight, breathable and highly customizable

1.Comfort has been the biggest plus point for the Navigator. Though the Pants are heavy as any other riding pants, it feels comfortable even in the worst of climates. The Sympatex fabric just works flawlessly. This was the first time i was using a function specific fabric and realized why it is worth a premium.
Some Info on Sympatex :

2. The pants come with only two vents at the thigh Area. Was pretty skeptical about its usage when i initially got the pants, but they work over time. Just to Illustrate that, have ridden through Coastal regions in Karnataka, Kerala, Tamilnadu, Goa and parts of West Bengal in peak summer and was very much manageable.

3. Stretch Flex zones around the waist and knee when flexibility is a vital criterion.                             

4. The pants come with a removable Thermal Layer, which is much of a overkill for tropical countries.

 5. The inner Fabric lining is very smooth and resistant to Velcro unlike conventional liners. 
Fit :
1.Unlike conventional riding pants which extend a long way down the crotch Area, So what this means is that, when you mount the bike the pants tend to lift up from the Ankle area to almost till the Shin. This is very evident in case of people with taller frame. The fit on the navigator is more like how a normal Denim fits in. So there is ample support around the ankle area.

2.There are waist straps to fasten and a press button , to adjust the pants as per your comfort.                               
3.A single Knee Protector(Velcro based) adjustment is provided to adjust the fit around the impact area.

1. The pants come with 2 front  Pockets  and 2 side cargo pockets with a velcro flap and a press button.

Additional Features:
Reflective strip on the side pockets for visibility at night.
Slit Ankle cuffs for the boots

Safety                      ****
Comfort                   ****
Fit                            ****
Utilities                    ***
Value For Money     *****

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