Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Macna Jura All weather Jacket : Review.

Recently Picked up the Macna Jura Adventure Jacket to replace my Rjays Octane, which was almost starting to age. Have clocked about 2500-3000 kms on the same till now. 

Jackets Owned in the Past : 

1.Cramster Breezer(Model Discontinued)

2.X Element CF-624

3.Rjays Octane 

Options Considered before zeroing in on the Jura : 

1.Macna Cobalt 

2.Macna Jura 

3.First Gear Kilimanjaro

4.RST Pro series Adventure 

Why the Jura ? 

*As my marginally bigger rides were taking an upward curve and also the need to decommission my Rjays Octane, a new, better (preferably Touring) jacket was the need of the hour. 

* Of the four Jackets Considered, only two were available to be tried Physically at a store in my reach. When you are spending so much, the fit better be upto your expectations. 

*Tried both the Macnas at Spartan Pro Gear(Chennai). Though the Cobalt beats the Jura hands down when it comes to construction and safety features, felt it wasn't practical enough for a tropical Climate like ours. 

* The Cobalt is Literally 2 Jackets into one. The base independent Mesh Jacket integrated with a thick waterproof outer shell to keep water and cold wind away. So when you are not using the outer shell, it would occupy a considerable amount of space(Almost an entire tank bag or a mid Sized Tail bag which will only add up to the misery of luggage space on long rides. Even if you are using the mesh jacket alone, it doesn't come with Armour adjustment. 

Macna Jura : 

* The Jura is basically a 3 Season Touring Jacket, consisting of a 3 Layer system. 

* It comprises of : 
   1.  Other Shell.
   2. Removable Thermal Layer
   3. Removable Waterproof breathable Raintex Membrane.

Removable Thermal Liner 

Raintex Membrane 

* The outer shell comprises of a 500D fabric which houses a set of Knox armors at Shoulder and Elbow. The back Protector is a Basic Foam, which can be upgraded to a Level 2 Sastec Armour, to be procured separately. The Elbow armors are held in place by adjustment straps. 

Foam Back Protector 

Knox Shoulder Armour 

Knox Elbow Armour 

Thick Optional Level 2 Sastec back Protector 

* The jacket has got 2 large chest vents (which can be easily closed with a zipper , if not required or folded inwards to avoid flapping), 2 Inlet vents under arms and 2 exit vents in the rear. 

Frontal Chest vents closed 

Frontal Chest vents Opened

 Rear section of the jacket  

* The jacket comprises of buckle straps to adjust the tightness at the waist. The low cut around the straps make sure that the jacket doesn't ride up when the rider is mounted on the bike. Drawstrings are provided for additional fitment.

Buckle Straps 


* The large reflective panels at the front and rear do a very neat job. There are also panels around the cuff and Waist adjuster which increases visibility if viewed from side. As in most touring jackets the Jura is a vision vest prepared jacket. Also velcro based LED lights from Macna(both procured Separately) adds up for the night time visibility. 

Rechargeable LED lights 

Vision vest 

Image Source : Macna 

*The jacket comprises of 2 Large frogmouth pockets with flap, 2 side pockets, a small key pocket at the front and one large rear pocket. Along with this there are elastic pockets on the inside of the jacket on all 3 layers for additional storage of lighter items. 

Elastic Pockets 

Pic only to demonstrate the pouch area. Kindly do not keep bottles in these pouches.

 Rear Pocket 

* The Jacket is equipped with A sliding rail lock, termed as Comfix for the collar unlike conventional Velcro or Press button. One has to get used to it for few days to operate with ease. The leather piping along the collar make sure that comfort is not compromised. 

Comfix collar with Leather Piping 

* One more distinct feature of this jacket is "Easy Cuff System ", meaning the rain liner will run till the edge of the cuff and is held in place by a zipper which run all along the cuff. Just about few inches from the cuff there is one more zipper to house the Thermal liner. So basically the struggle to get in and out of the jacket when the liners are on , is a lot easier. 

Pro's : 
* The Overall Size of the jacket. Though its a touring jacket, unlike most others it doesn't fall too much below the waistline and flap around at higher speeds. 

* The internal Fabric, adds to the overall comfort of the jacket. 

* Though the vents seem to be less, they do a brilliant job. Yeah they are a bit uncomfortable in Stop and go kind of traffic, but if the traffic is flowing one would have no problems. 

* The Cuff and collar area feels very comfortable.
* There is an additional layer of the cushioning around the armor areas and also the fabric covering the armor makes it very comfortable. 

* The jacket feels a lot lighter than it appears to be. 
* The quality of mesh is very good. 
* The bigger zippers makes it easy to close the panels , on the go. 

* The Armour adjuster strap is held by a plastic. No problems as of now , hopefully it lasts longer. 

* The side pockets are of minimal use. The pocket depth is a concern in case you are used to keep some valuables. 

* The key pocket is small and not capable to house a key along with a chain or even 2 keys with a ring. 

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  1. Phani - very detailed review of the functionality and features of the jacket :)
    However could you also share the following information:
    1) Macna - few of us are aware of this brand, info such as their origins, heritage, other products etc would help
    2) Pictures of actual person with the 'Jacket-on' helps us visualize how it looks on a rider
    3) Where to buy and how much