Friday, September 30, 2016

MT KRE Helmet : Review

MT helmets has been quite a familiar brand of Helmets in the recent years within the riding fraternity. MT, acronym for Manufacturing Thomas started in 1968. Since then they are operational in about 80countries across the globe.

One of the new entrants in their lineup is the MT KRE. Glad to be the first owner of a MT Kre Helmet in India.  Picked up the lid from their Authorized Distributor M/s Spartan Pro Gear, Chennai.  The helmet is officially sold at Rs.12500/- in India.

Link to the Helmet : MT KRE SHOCK UNCLE SAM 

Have done about 2500kms after the purchase. This review would pre dominantly based in comparison with the helmets I have personally owned in the past, for better clarity on the topic.

Helmets Owned in the past :
LS2 Diamond
LS2 Moby
MT Blade

First Impression:
Having owned MT helmets in the past, this was sort of an upgrade.
*The overall lightness in weight of the helmet.
*The helmet has premium written all over it.
*Branding is very Prominent, compared to any other model of MT. Be it with respect to the packing or warranty card or Straps.
Warranty Card 

Instruction Manual 

A Freebie with the helmet 

The new 3D logo

Significant branding all over the helmet. 

I would like to break up the review into 5 prominent sections:

1.Shell Construction and Styling
The helmet is equipped with a Tri composite Fiberglass Shell for strength . As a result of which Light weight characteristic is very much evident.
The Helmet meets or exceeds the following certifications for safety : 
  • CE 22.05(EU)
  • NBR7471-BRS(Brazil)
  • NTC 4533(Columbia)

Though the Helmet weighs about 100gms more than the Matrix, doesn't feel that great a difference.
The Shell is has got a spherical shape, no protruding Jaw area or any edges.

OOAA : The company that designed the graphics 

The KRE comes in 5 different Graphics
  •          Momentum : Neon Yellow
  •          Momentum : Matt Black
  •          Momentum : Matt Orange
  •          Low Key
  •          Uncle sam

2. Comfort and Padding
  • The Helmet comes EXO – Lining™ fabric interiors which as per the claim, is Hypo Allergenic and Dry Fit.In layman's terms, means very comfortable across different climatic conditions over longer period of usage. It is similar to the Hydra Dry fabric in ICON Helmets.
  • The liners are removable and washable.

  • Ventilation is good, with three inlet and 2 Exhaust vents.
  • Wind Noise does exist. The magnitude of the wind noise is almost the same as my Old MT Blade, if not better.P.S: There were complaints about the recent batches of MT blade being more prone to Wind Noise. The comparison is between the first model, which I feel is pretty much bearable.

  • Visibility is almost the Same as the SOL Acme and MT Matrix, undisturbed and wide
  • The helmet comes with Pin Lock Ready Visors.
  • The visors are thicker than the ones on my 2 year old blade.
  • Without the Anti fog Insert, the helmet tends to fog faster than the Blade.
  • Water seepage protection is much better in case of heavy rains. Since the helmet fogs up faster, tend to open up the visor a bit to clear the fog which creates room  for the water to get in.
  • The visor removal mechanism, can be tricky for first 3-4 times. Once you figure out, it is very easy 

4.Fastening Straps
A simple Double D Ring straps to secure the helmet in its place.

5.Additional Features
Speaker Pockets : A primary aspect which I, personally look out for in these new age Helmets. Comes in handy when you are using a Helmet Intercom /Bluetooth headset Like The SENA. Please do note that if you are using Sena, it might a be lot hindrance using the sun visor as the lever is right next to the clamp.

Internal Sun visor: Though there are mixed opinions about incorporation of an internal visor in a Helmet, I personally like it for a fact that you don't have to carry an additional visor which would occupy some decent space if stored properly.

Reflectiveness : The bottom side of the liners are lined with reflectors, which has been carry forward from the Matrix. Very effective for night riding.

Accessories(Available separately) : 
Helmet Padding 
Pin Lock Visor 

Summary :
Construction              *****
Comfort                     ****
Visibility                    *****
Wind Noise                ***
Value for Money        ****

Safety                         ****