Monday, May 14, 2012

BR Hills and K Gudi

Route : Bangalore-Kanakapura-Kollegal-Yellandur-BR Hills-K.Gudi-Kagalvadi-Honganur-Yellandur-Kollegal-Bangalore.

Eugene: Pulsar 180
Yours truly: ZMA-R

Saturday evening rains tear the city into two halves. Sunday morning was up on the saddle for some country side fun. Took the Kanakapura road, roads are way better than what it used to be few years back.

Somewhere around Kollegal

At Kollegala, a teenager walks upto us and asks to teach him do wheelies. When we told him that we are not about to do anything like that, he was like "Then why are you wearing knee protectors and all".

Few pics through the forest

Natural Eden

Had an awesome time through the never ending forest roads. The good thingy about BR hills is that there is less intervention of mindless tourists and super fine roads. Thought of including Gopala Swamy Betta also into the plan, but dropped for another day. Then decided on doing Shivanasamudra or Mekedaatu but only did Shivanasamudra.

The falls from a distance.Didnt even bother to go near ........

The reason......

Horrible tourist management by the Government, stayed for may be like 10 minutes or so and eloped from there. Blessed with some rains near Harohalli.

Overall a well spent sunday :)