Saturday, August 20, 2011

Friendship day ride

There goes an old saying " Make new friends , keep the old .One is silver and other gold" I was embarking on a journey to complete the first part of the statement.The venue, Netegere village, most may think that this place have been on a tourist map, then why are we going there........ The joy of finding new places has a whole different fun in itself. The day AUG 7, started at 4.30 for me. Got a message from Gautham which read " Will be there in 15","there" referred to Navrang, the meeting place. Not too late after reaching there, met the second friend for the day : THILAK in his red R15. The trio leave for Kanakapura road to join the others. On reaching the spot got a million smiles, the old friends greeted started smiling and introducing ourselves at quite a lot new faces. Started small conversations till John arrived. He started his usual experimenting with the lens. Soon after Venkat Sir reached the spot , he greeted all of us and leave