Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Mandalpatti Maddness

Route taken: Bangalore-Mandya-Srirangapatna-Hunsur-Byalkuppe-Suntikoppa-Madapur-Attihole-Mandalpatti

Riding during winter has its own charm(leaving apart the rattling that goes underway when you start in the morning). This time the destination was Mandalpatti. Though few of us had taken the much popular route via Madikeri, we wanted to try from Suntikoppa side, the offroading is much difficult and fun from this side.
Before the story unfolds, let me introduce you the company

Praful Tripathy









 Yours truly

 Day 1 : 
Hands trembling as an after effect of the early morning chill(read 9 deg Cel), we set off for the last ride of 2011. Looks like even the sun was down on a bottle of 10 year old Scottish Whiskey, barely managed to peep out, but when he did, he painted the sky.

Stopped at Mayura River View, near Srirangapatna for breakfast. The river was almost invisible due to dense fog. The place was like the woods in the movie “Twilight” forever foggy, birds chirping to wake the waiter for us. The place was truly magical, slowly the fog started to clear up enhancing the beauty of the place. After some plates of hot breakfast and boiling cups of coffee were gulped, the body offered some resistance to the cold outside.

Not sure where the breakfast had gone missing by 11, the next stop was at Mandroling Monastery (Golden Temple) in Bylakuppe. The first time visitors went in to have a glimpse and the ones bored of going in decided to have some momos. Meanwhile Ninja(Niranjan) and Ajay showed up at the monastery, as they were enroute Kannur for the day. 

Few clicks from Bylakuppe Monastery

The home stay where the accommodation was booked was no easy place to search for, guess was easier to search a pin in a haystack but when we reached there, much relieved. No civilization for long distances.

After some home grown coffee being crushed, brewed and served, had a smile on my face. Told my friends back in Bangalorevia telepathy, that this is what coffee means you dumb asses , not the ones you ride every weekend for.. The owner of the estate that stretched as far as our view could extend, told us that the coffee grown from that region went mainly for export to Brazil, so the famous “Brazillian Coffee” actually comes from Coorg, Just like our Indian Bahu(of politics) comes from Italy. Soon after that we head straight towards Mandalpatti. Ride through the forest for some time on a narrow pathway and once you clear that level, then you are promoted for some off roading in the ghats. Once you reac the top, one can witness a spectacular sunset.

By the fire for company , we yap our lungs out talking about the “sorts” of fun we had all these years. Smiles were there on every face. Not soon did we start about bikes and touring, the ladies politely walked away.

Day 2: Few made the best use of “Bitti: water hose to relieve their machines of the dirt we had accumulated the previous day. Have a late start after breakfast and reach Bangalore before dusk.

Pic Courtesy : 
Praful Tripathy
Gautham Ramakrishna
Uday Kashyap