Tuesday, April 1, 2008





Before I start writing about the last weekend, let me introduce who Santosh, Kiran, and Vivek are. These guys are into travel business. They have tourist cabs that travel literally to every corner of the state and beyond the state boundaries. So it was not difficult to arrange a vehicle to ferry us to the highest water falls in South India. Kiran decided to get his newly painted white angel out to do the job.
 This time we thought we take a driver with us so that no one is missed out from the fun that’s happening in the back seats. But when we slowly moved out of the maddening city traffic the only job the driver was endowed was to sit back and gaze at the open roads with Kiran and Santosh started driving like a cheetah on the chase. The roads seemed to worsen a bit once we left Tumkur on the Gbbi route. I didn’t even realize which we were taken as I was totally engrossed in the laugh riot that was happening behind. We took breaks at regular intervals on the way. By dawn we reached Soraba where we booked a hotel room to freshen up and have breakfast. By 9 we left for Jog. We were greatly disappointed as the dam crest gates were closed. We decided to wait for some time for the gates to open. Unluckily we headed for the top of the falls to have a view of the water jumping out off the rocks .This place had become hugely popular, all thanks to great camera work  in the movie Mungaru Male .The guards restricted us from entering this place as the crest would open any time. We promised him that we would be out of water once the gates were open. We spent about an hour in water clicking pictures of the place, till we suddenly heard a roar from the other side of the falls. Realizing that the dam gates were open we wasted no time in getting out of the uncontrollable force of water. When the falls was in full glory we couldn’t avoid ourselves from getting to the view point where we could see the four prominent individual falls –RAJA, RANI, ROARER and ROCKET. All these combined it is known as Jog Falls. There is a Kannada song which meant that everybody should see Jog Falls before they die, which was very true. The grace of RAJA, the beauty of RANI, The mystery of the ROARER and the swiftness of ROCKET makes an unforgivable impact on whoever witness this angel falls of the South India.