Monday, October 9, 2006

09/10/2006 MADKERI

We were planning to watch a newly released movie and stay at Somu’s place for the night. Since his bike had some problem he took out his brand new car which had the ribbons still stuck from the bumper to the boot. As soon as the car was parked we had a detailed look at it, and everyone had a sinking smile on their face, planning what to do next. It was me who suggested that we head out to the Coffee Day on Mysore road. Everybody were like O.K with the plan. As planned we hit the highway in no time on the way the only thing that inspired us to do this unplanned drive was a sign board which showed the directions for “MADKERI”. There was smile on each of the devils seated inside as we drove past the coffee day without even giving it a look. I didn’t even remember when was the last time I had been to Madkeri. So the destination was locked on. Just imagine we heading towards Madkeri almost in the midst of winter with only a dri-fit t-shirt. We stopped at Srirangapatna for tea and asked a few bus drivers for alternate directions. They had some scary tales to tell about the road that was passing through Srirangapatna connecting to Hunasur, they even requested us to avoid that road during night. Bidding good bye to the drivers we purposely took the road which the drivers to us to avoid. We too had some strange incidents on that road. About an hour or so on that road should be enough to get us to Mysore-Kushalnagara highway. But for us that was not the case. After about an hour and a half we came to a point which had no roads leaving anywhere. With no no sight of any living organisms, this place started to become scarier by the minute. Then there was an old man walking all alone in the middle of the night, god knows where he was heading to because it was almost 1o clock by then. Even though he looked weird he guided us to the right route. Thanking him we left that place in no time. We reached Kushalnagara by around half past three. We were shocked to see that provision stores had already opened by then. We thought our watches had stopped working. Thinking why on earth should a provision store be open so early, we asked the guy in the store as to what was reason. It was only after that we realized that it was diwali time and the day would start so early during diwali. Wishing the shopkeeper we drove towards the Madakeri city hoping to find a place we can refresh and roam around. As soon as we stopped the car near a hotel in the city, we had the first shock of the day. Anil’s father wanted him to be home in another 30 min. He convinced his dad for about an hour or so after which his dad reluctantly obliged. After that we had calls for each of us from our respective houses. My family was in a state of shock when I told them that we were in Madkeri. We freshened up and left to some places of interest nearby. Starting with Raja Seat as it was close to the city. It didn’t arouse much interest in either of us as it was a common view point. The next destination on our list was Abbey Falls. On reaching there we saw a sign board that told us more about the place as to how did it get its name , what was height of the fall and so on. We were least bothered to go through it . When we had the first view of the falls, it was totally worth the sleepless drive the last night. Even though the guards we reluctant to let us get into the water, we somehow managed to go down and click a few pics. We rested for some time over there and we headed towards Nisarga dhama. On the outset we thought that this place was only for kids and family but we were mistaken. Nisarga dhama was much better than what we had expected it to be. There was the river Cavery flowing with full glory. Going by what we saw, the depth of the river was almost knee deep , so we thought we could cross the river as the other side seemed to be more interesting. When we were half way through I slipped on one of the stones beneath and I was totally down and my clothes were completely wet. How I managed to dry the clothes was a different story altogether. As we left from there our next priority was to get our tummies full , as we not only had butterflies in our stomach but an entire animal kingdom. When stopped at a dhaba on the Mysore –Kushalnagara highway we witnessed an accident right in front of us. Pledging to drive back safely we left for Bangalore. We reached Bangalore around 9 o clock. Our families were red with anger and after this particular trip our parents never called us during weekends knowing well that we would be upto something weird.