Tuesday, February 15, 2005


(11/02/2005 – 14/02/2005)

Our first step in Goa was here


This was the most interesting day because none of the guys knew where we were heading to, except for somu and myself. There was a roar at navrang when the destination was disclosed. We stopped for dinner at Tumkur. The roads were much better than what we had expected. Stopped for midnight tea at a place not so far from Harihara. This place looked like some old haunted coffee shop somewhere in medieval England. There were some songs playing in the background. When we asked him to repeat the song on the cassette, he arrogantly replied that it was a “C.D. and not a cassette”. He Repeated that particular song about 10 times as if it was a request on Worldspace. Later we were shocked to see a music system in there. We left the place with the all of us humming the same song. After Harihara we opted for a less travelled route to goa that was going to the left of the highway. Halfway later we realized that for about 25kms or so that ours was the only vehicle travelling on that road.Trust me it was quiet scarry.

DAY 2:
We reached YANA around 11.The trek to the top was quiet tiring as the sun was mercilessly burning on top of us. That chapter would be best described by VINAY and SOM.A quick refreshing dip at the nearby flowing river was the best option we had. Done with the trek we headed towards Karwar which was supposed to be our next stop for lunch. As planned we parked the vehicle near a sea facing restraunt which had a beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. With tummies full we drove till the Karwar check post where we took a break .As soon as we entered GOA we started to experience the beauty of the place. We reached Panaji by evening .By then I had already started appreciating two things, one, the roads and other cleanliness. It was probably the cleanest city I had seen. We settled for a decent beach side cottage for a reasonable price, all thanks to Balu. Took rest for some time and went out to experience the specialities of the place. The boys were excited for the yatch but it was a big disappointment considering the people who were there in that. These were guys who were just back from a pilgrimage, with their heads shaved(needless to say it was not fashionable).As we were leaving the yatch we saw a group of college going guys and gals ,who would definitely be good fun that these bald heads. The evening was famous for the “UPPI” dance by SOMU which almost shocked the singer on the yatch. We cursed ourselves for the company we had and left for the cottage.

After a night of good sleep everybody woke up, got ready in a flash as we had planned to head to the beach early. Breakfast was a disappointment for most of us as the restraunt served food that was probably made for last Christmas. Without complaints we had it as we didn’t wanna start the day cribbing. The first look of the sea was breath taking. As I was busy clicking photographs I didn notice that none of my friends were next to me. They had already for a store that sold beach wear , chains, hats, shades etc…..I could not recognize most of them as their had complete makeover. After almost half a day at Calangute and Baga beaches our days were worth. After a quick shower at the cottage we headed towards OLD GOA, which is famous for catholic churches and Portuguese buildings. After a look at the famous mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier we were done for the day.Our Stomachs were craving for some south Indian food .so we headed straight towards KAMAT,our lone saviour.

DAY 4:
We had planned for Vasco as I had heard that it’s a very beautiful place but due to some conflicts the localites advised us not to head that way. Dejected we planned to leave Panaji and head towards Bangalore. After shopping for a few things and breakfast we left Goa promising that we would come back very soon. Trying to fulfill our insatiable quest for food we stopped for lunch at Ankola.The place we stopped was something like a garage converted into a dhaba.Everyone had their opinions about the quality of food. But what turned out was a huge surprise. Many agreed that it was the best sea food they have had in their life time. Being totally tanked up our next pit stop was Gokarna.After the car was parked some distance from the beach, we had to trek down. Once we had a view of the waters ,everybody was standstill. Such was the picture drawn by nature. We could hear the sound of the water dashing against the rocks that were on the edge of the land. Once we head down we were in for more surprises ,the beach was less crowded and we had a scenic view wherever we turned our heads to. The force of the water was much higher that what was at calangute,it was literally knock us off our feet. One interesting incident that all of us remember about the entire vacation happened over here. Two of our dudes santosh and raghu who gokarna to be hawai, lied down on a rock that was there on the beach inspite of we telling that it was too hot for sunbathing and all that stuff. Ignoring our sincere suggestions both of them came yelling that they had burnt their back. Everyone started rolling on the floor laughing. When we had closer look at what had happened, their had already turned cherry red. We could not control our laughter till the end of the trip. Later that evening we planned to visit Murdeshwara as none of us had been there. On reaching there we offered our prayers to the lord and left appreciating the place. Our destination for the night was Kolluru as som had arranged for stay. We reached there with half of us already with droopy eyes. Wasting no time we called it a day.

DAY 5:
This was the earliest start in the entire trip. The day began around 4.30,all of us waiting for the temple gates to open and offer our prayer to the goddess. The roads were so curvy that we were used to screeching noise from the tyre almost on every bend. The location was lunch was Hassan after completing it headed straight towards Bangalore. Strangely as we entered the city it started pouring, strange because it was mid summer and even a drizzle was a rarity. That night I slept peacefully after  planning for the next outing.